Oncotrace RGCC

Type of CANCER

All Types of Cancer

"Except for the Cabeca and Central Nervous System"

Type of SAMPLE

Peripheral Blood Normal (20 to 30ml)


10 to 14 working days


RGCC provides the necessary collection kit with detailed instructions for sample collection and logistics, upon request

What is the RGCC Oncotrace?

It is the Follow-up Profile of Circulating Tumor (CTC's) in which:
  • Determines the Presence and Concentration of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC's)
  • Evaluation of Markers of both Circulating and Stem Cell Cancer (responsible for initiation of the primary tumor and metastization).
  • Immunophenotyping (method for characterization of the primary tumor when unknown).

Early Detection?

The Oncotrace Profile also acts on Early Detection of Cancer as a preventive measure for patients wishing to screen for Highly Sensitive Biomarkers of Tumor Cells.