Circulating Tumor Cells

The CTC's (Circulating Tumor Cells) have clinical utility in:

  • Risk stratification;
  • Early detection and diagnosis of various types of cancer;
  • Early detection of relapse / recurrence;
  • Monitoring response to treatment;
  • Evaluation of treatment efficacy.
Circulating Tumor Cells

(CTCs) are found in patients with various forms of metastatic carcinomas and from solid tumors dispersed in peripheral blood. It is generally explained that these cells are separated from the primary or secondary tumors of advanced cancer patients prior to detection in the bloodstream. The number of CTCs is considered much smaller with an estimated number of one in 100 million for one in a billion blood cells.

Scientists have discovered a test that can revolutionize the way doctors evaluate and treat a cancer patient. This technology involves the detection and genetic testing of circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream. Understanding Tumor Cells is extremely important, since it is the spread of cancer to other parts of the body - not the primary cancer - that is often responsible for the death of a person with cancer.


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