Chemosensitivity assays are laboratory tests that measure the number of tumor cells that will be killed by chemotherapy. The test is performed after tumor cells are extracted from the body, isolated and maintained in a high purity. A Chemosensitivity assay may help in choosing the best Cytotoxic Drug / Drug or set of drugs that can effectively treat the patient's cancer.

With the RGCC chemosensitivity test, one can determine:

  • Drug Viability for Chemotherapy
  • Genetic characterization for guidance on Target Therapies
  • Feasibility tests (and action identification) of natural substances that can be used as part of a complementary treatment strategy.
  • Sensitivity to HSP (Heat Shock Proteins) directed to Radiotherapies.
  • To determine Risk Stratification.

RGCC believes that each patient is unique, that the cancer is unique and that the treatment should be as well. By applying the available RGCC test results, we can determine the Treatment or a Therapeutic Combination that will effectively treat your Cancer.